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Jennifer Zamecki Certifications
Jennifer C. Zamecki is the Founder and President of Well-Run Concepts Inc., a Human Resource Consulting Firm founded in 1997, whose mission is Job Matching and Develop Top Talent.
Jennifer Zamecki Certifications
Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Values Analyst,
HD Certified TriMetrixTM Analyst, and DNA Analyst from TTI Success Insights Ltd.

Jennifer has been a member of TTI’s Success Insights “Chairman’s Club” for a number of years, and has used TTI’s cutting edge assessment tools since 1995. TTI Success Insights, Ltd. is the world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessment and coaching tools that enable organizations to effectively meet their talent management needs. She was awarded the coveted “President’s Award” for her outstanding contribution to Human Resource Development at TTI. Jennifer was nominated into TTI’s International Faculty since 2004, which is comprised of trainers and coaches from around the world, whose experience in developing and improving people is vast and deep. Jennifer received the “Value Added Associate of the Month” award from TTI in recognition for her outstanding support and contribution to TTI over the years. Jennifer is a four time “Chairman’s Award” winner for her outstanding service to the community. TTI requires a re-certification training & exam every 2 years.

Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst (CPEQA) from TTI Success Insights Ltd.Jennifer Zamecki Certifications
Jennifer completed this two year certification in Atlanta, GA, in June of 2013. It required the successful completion of a one-day training class and passing an online 2 hour exam. The exam tested her knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and the application of TTI’s Emotional QuotientTM assessment. With her CPEQA, she now is deeply knowledgeable about:

  • The 5 dimensions of EQ
  • The language of EQ & the biggest impact to EQ
  • Application of emotional enablers and disablers
  • How to interpret and apply the Emotional Quotient results

Jennifer Zamecki CertificationsAxiology Practitioner from Axces Solutions LLC.
CAP stands for Certified Axiological Practitioner. Jennifer attended this two day class to
become a CAP and learned the foundations of Aiology (Value Science) as well as applied Axiology through targeted assessments. Jennifer is now able to better analyze and debrief emotions, judgement patterns and soft skills for selection and development.

Criteria One Clues Certification from Success Performance SolutionsJennifer Zamecki
Clues Certification helps Well-Run Concepts match the right person with the right skills to the right job. With Criteria One certification Jennifer is able to differentiate top performers from average workers, help to hire capable and competent candidates and build teams that work and retain the top talent. The assessments used are reliable, predictable and affordable. Well-Run Concepts is proud to have this tool to serve our clients.

Train the Trainer DISC Certification from Competitive Edge Inc.
Competitive Edge, Inc. is one of only four TTI authorized trainers for this workshop nationwide. This program is for professional trainers, human resource professionals and internal / external consultants who are committed to providing world-class services. The Training for Success Train-the-Trainer is a 3-day Boot Camp focusing on the DISC Behavioral Model, the Motivators Model, the Global Models of Leadership and using a benchmarking process for improved selection, retention, and development purposes.
Jennifer Zamecki Certifications

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