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Solutions 4 Hiring™ gives you the opportunity to work with WRC & TTI in your search for top talent. This division of TTI Performance Systems™ is supported by an exclusive team of certified staffing professionals who understand the industry and its compliances and have tested this service in the marketplace to be sure we are providing a proven system that WORKS!

92% Success Rate

“The guidance that Jennifer Zamecki has provided our firm in making key strategic employment decisions has been invaluable. Her consulting skills and assessment tools have proven to be highly insightful and have given us a consistent methodology to apply in making employment decisions. Jennifer is solution-oriented, a great communicator, and has demonstrated genuine interest in helping our company and team members become more successful.”
Tammy Vogsland, CPA, Partner C&D LLP

In 2007, Solutions 4 Hiring™ began expanding its services, offering strategic recruiting and selection services. In 2008, Solutions 4 Hiring™ made 44 placements in collaborations with TTI. With a 92% success rate, Solutions 4 Hiring™ is able to effectively and accurately find candidates for positions nationwide across industries. In addition, Solutions 4 Hiring™ has one of the shortest “time to fill” periods in the recruiting industry; on average we can find superior candidates within 5-10 business days.

Interviews are only 14% accurate in predicting success on the job. The root cause for inaccuracies = personal bias.”
Study done at Michigan State

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