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Why US?
Well-Run Concepts Inc. is one of the top Organizational Development companies today.   Our program is delivered by Jennifer Zamecki, an Accredited Certified Professional Coach who has a wealth of knowledge and 20 + years of experience using these tools in both large global organizations & small companies. Some of the most successful human performance specialists in the world use our profile system, including Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy.

“Having coached thousands of people around the globe, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.”

What is DISC?
By using the DISC behavioral assessment, people can tap into a deeper realization of who they are. They will gain powerful insight into HOW they move into action to achieve success.

The theory behind the DISC instrument was developed by William Moulton Marston. In his work Marston observed that people are a combination of DISC. This training & certification program translates to all aspects of business and personal life. This program can assist novices to seasoned professionals.

Application & validation of DISC is used for selection, development, more effective communication, team building & sales.

Why do I need DISC Certification & Training?
The DISC profile is a powerful tool that allows us to understand how we & others communicate & get the job done. When talking to, interacting with or observing others we are able to pick up clues as to their behavioral style, as DISC is observable. Communication significantly improves when we have the ability to recognize and adjust our message and method of communication to suit the other person style.

A wise person said “Leadership is the art of getting things done through other people… but for their reasons”. This why you need the DISC. To understand that every person has their own behavioral style, and only then can you begin to select & develop a person’s potential more effectively.

Who Will Benefit?
It is easy to say everyone will benefit (because it’s true), but certainly after 20+ years in the assessment business, we can identify the two main groups of people who work with us most:

Internal Professionals:
Human Resources
Organizational Development
Learning and Development

External Professionals:
Coaches & Consultants

The people who benefit most frequently, work within organizations to recruit, select, develop and manage the performance of great people. That being said, these clients apply the assessment tools and their certification knowledge to division heads, frontline managers, middle managers and senior leaders to name just a few – all of whom benefit.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the DISC model and confidence in applying it to your business 
  • Using your DISC report to enhance communication and understanding of individuals & teams
  • The history ‐ how DISC came to be
  • Blending DISC and the WPMOT instruments
  • The 4 Core behaviors– both strengths & weaknesses
  • Identifying other styles & how to best work with them
  • DISC in a work context, but easily applied to your personal life
  • Interpreting your graph and other’s graphs
  • Understanding & applying the wheel to a team dynamic
  • What you get:

    • The DISC Debrief Guide
    • Personalized 22 page DISC Profile
    • Access to the DISC eLearning website
    • Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA) designation
    • Certification also requires the successful completion of an online, open book exam taken at your convenience. The exam will test your knowledge of the DISC theory and the application of your knowledge based on TTI’s DISC assessment.
    • Ongoing advice and support  through our DISC Clues Series
    • Many resources – including the Universal Language DISC text book & Emotions of Normal People book
    • Recordings of all sessions
    • The complimentary private session will build your confidence, allow you to practice, and help you integrate DISC into your toolkit and clarify your questions.

    Certification Title: DISC
    Facilitated Online
    Our online DISC Certification training program is delivered through a series of facilitated webinars.

    Duration: (1) Full Day broken into:
    (4) live webinars (90 minutes each) = 6 hours
    Plus (1) 1 hour 1:1 coaching call
    Training is scheduled over 1 months’ time

    TBA (11am – 12:30pm ET)
    Call or email us for dates.

    Total Investment (all materials & exam is included): $1495.
    $100. Discount if you have completed one of our other Certifications
    $200. Discount if you schedule 2 certification trainings at the same time

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