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Your Attitude is Showing

Your Attitude is Showing
Your Attitude is Showing
Your Attitude is Showing
Your Attitude is Showing

Why Do I Need It?

Your Attitude Is Showing™ Seminar will help you know yourself and others to improve communication and relationships.
Your Attitude is Showing
Which Workplace Motivators Drive You?
Your Attitude Is Showing™ was designed to help people communicate better and sell more effectively. This seminar will focus on helping you clearly see how you view the world and understand how to look at the world through someone else’s eyes. This understanding will allow you to discover how to improve communication based on the theory of values and motivators. Understand others’ viewpoints and be able to dialogue convincingly by seeing the world through their eyes.

Which Workplace Motivators are your passions for living?

  • Theoretical: a passion to discover; a search for knowledge.
  • Utilitarian: a passion to gain return on investment of time, resources & talent.
  • Social: a passion to eliminate hate and conflict in the world, assist others in becoming all they can be.
  • Individualistic: a passion to achieve position and power, and to use that position to affect and influence others.
  • Traditional: a passion to seek out and pursue the higher meaning of life and achieve a system for living.
  • Aesthetic: a passion to experience the impressions of the world, achieve form and harmony in life.

{Find out about how the Your Attitude is Showing™ seminar can transform your team into a high performing team!}

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Your Attitude is Showing
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