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Financial Comptroller

A Comptroller that is truly checked and balanced.
by: Jennifer C. Zamecki

The Financial Comptroller possess a list of key skills
and personal characteristics needed for the job, Well-Run Concepts understands these areas and have done the research. Let’s explore what the key attributes, motivators and behaviors would look like for a successful Comptroller in an organization.

Whether you are searching for your next hire or a new career, Well-Run Concepts used a comprehensive, validated, step-by-step, Job Matching system to determine what is needed for top performance.

Attributes tells us if an individual can do the job by looking at what personal skills or competencies are needed in the job of Financial Comptroller.

The Top Seven Attributes are:

Self Management
Demonstrating self control and an ability to manage time and priorities is of great importance for an effective Comptroller.

  • Effectively manages emotions and impulses.
  • Manages time and priorities to meet deadlines.
  • Balances personal/professional.
  • Accepts responsibility for actions and results.

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