Motivator Assessments

Using the Workplace Motivators (WPMOT) assessment, people can tap into a deeper realization of who they are. They will gain powerful insight into why they move into action and what really motivates them to achieve.
The theory behind the WPMOT instrument was developed by Eduard Spranger. In his work Spranger observed that people could view the world and their interactions within it through six different “value lenses.” Depending on which of these “lenses” was strongest, we could determine a person’s core motivators or drivers.
This training & certification program translates to all aspects of business and personal life. This program can assist novices to seasoned professionals.

This assessment measures behaviors and motivators and produces a combo report with:
– 7 different key drivers that most influence a person’s life choices, decisions and actions.
– 15 factors that demonstrate how people act and communicate verbally and nonverbally, both on and off the job.
– Receive a customized debrief with personalized video explanation with each evaluation.

“I teach a graduate level course at the University of Florida called “Team Science”, in which PhD students learn essential team skills to support collaborative health sciences research in an interdisciplinary setting. Jennifer provided the DISC and Motivators profiles, which students found very informative and enlightening. They are working on improving their communication strategies while practicing team skills during their dissertation research projects. These skills will be vital as they continue to build professional relationships, explore career pathways, and develop into future leaders of biomedical research. Thank you, Jennifer!”

                                                                                                                                                   – Wayne McCormick, PhD.

Check out a personalized sample report with video clips here

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