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“Any salesperson who is not selling behaviorally is, at best, only 25-50% effective.”

In this sales profile we look specifically at your understanding and feelings about the world around you (Sales World View) and yourself (Sales Self View) from a sales perspective. Together this will show YOU insights into WHY you do the things you do in sales, HOW you go about doing them and WHAT you can do when you are fully engaged in selling.

Why Do I Need It?

Knowledge is Power

  • Learn about your behavioral style of selling
  • Recognize your customer’s behavioral style quickly
  • Be able to adapt for greater appreciation, communication and understanding…and yes, sales success
  • Learn your strengths & weaknesses as a salesperson
  • Learn the styles to which you naturally sell well… and which are costing you sales!

Where are you going?

How do you feel about your potential to grow and develop, your current role and your direction toward the future? Are you focused on the past, the present or the future and how does that affect you today as a sales person?

  • Do you understand people and do you tend to over-value relationships, treat them situationally or manipulate them to get what you want?
  • Do you know how to get things done as a salesperson?
  • Do you understand the value of following the sales plan and rules, and do you rely heavily on them in your sales role or are you a maverick?
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